All About Construction

What is construction?

This is the process through which buildings and infrastructure come into being. The construction industry is a multi-disciplinary industry that requires efficient collaboration among players and professionals to come up with buildings and infrastructure that not only meets quality standards but also lasts for a long period of time. The industry is a great contributor to the economy through job creation, contribution to GDP as well as the enhancement of commerce and industry.

What safety is there in construction?

The construction industry is laden with risks and therefore employers must take special precautions to ensure that their employees remain safe throughout the project. As such, there are different construction site safety measures such as fall prevention measures to keep employees safe. Fall prevention measures include the use of harnesses, guard rails on all raised areas, ladder securing items, use of strong scaffolding and the use of hard hats.

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The employer must also provide safety gear including construction grade helmets, construction boots and gloves, protective eye wear, ear plugs for noisy areas and durable construction clothing to all employees.

Why do people work in construction?

The construction industry has numerous job opportunities for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers. As the economy grows, there is higher demand for real estate and therefore, the construction industry booms. This provides endless job opportunities to those interested in the area. Besides this, the industry has some of the best hourly rates ensuring that employees can comfortably cater to their needs.

The construction industry has favourable working hours. In most cases, the employees work in shifts to prevent extreme fatigue that may result in costly mistakes. However, an employee is free to pick up as many shifts as possible as long as they get enough rest and do not put their lives or those of their co-workers at risk. This is ideal for those who would like to earn some extra cash once in a while.

There are endless opportunities in the construction industry. One can choose a path as a carpenter, mason, equipment handler, driver, construction waste management specialist, electrical expert, engineer, project manager, architect, quantity surveyor, geographical specialist, real estate developer or contractor and so on. One can even explore different paths before deciding on the most suitable career. Besides, after gaining experience and building networks in the industry, one can start their own construction company.

The industry offers opportunities for individuals to contribute to the economy while making long term impact to the community. The beauty about this is that there is physical evidence of the good work done. The pride that comes from making such an impact pushes workers to become better with each passing day.

What types of construction is there?

Broadly, there are three major construction sectors: building, industrial and infrastructural sectors. Infrastructural construction includes building roads, dams, railway lines and stations, water and sewerage systems and other infrastructural developments while building construction involves the construction of commercial and residential buildings such as homes and office blocks. Industrial construction on the other hand results in manufacturing plants, power generation plants, refineries and facilities where other industrial processes occur.